I’m Kyle Laverty, and I like to create things.

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What I Do

As previously stated, I like to create things. I have been a digital creative for the past six years, and have designed and developed websites, made open source contributions, designed logos and graphics, written website content, and spoken at conferences. Being a digital creative is what I enjoy, and I hope to provide meaningful content that you can enjoy too.

Web Projects

I’ve worked on and/or developed many websites in multiple different industries.

Open Source

I support open source and have made a few contributions of my own.


I write blog posts about a variety of things like cool products and projects.


I have spoken at multiple conferences, and plan on speaking at many more.


Most Recent Conference

Video Tutorial

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Latest from the Blog

Banking and Finance
Banking and Investment Apps For Remote Freelancers

Being a freelancer myself, I have had plenty of experience with a variety of banking and investment applications. With the influx of online banks and fintech startups, there has been no shortage of op…

How to Migrate a WordPress Website
How to Migrate a WordPress Website

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Creative Vets
Introducing The Standards

The Standards is a WordPress theme with the US Web Design System (USWDS) implemented throughout. It was a project I decided to complete after coming across the USWDS. This system has been around since…

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Laverty Creative is my website business. I develop responsive WordPress websites, provide maintenance and website hosting, hourly website work, retainer-based work, and consulting.