Project Tag: Bootstrap

  • IPA Clinic Veterans Page

    IPA Clinic Veterans Page

    This was a landing page built for Veterans for IPA Clinic. This website was for a client who had extra work and sent this one to me. I built this landing page on WordPress using Bootstrap and also Advanced Custom Fields for easy management. Check it out!

  • Meridien Marketing

    Meridien Marketing

    This is a WordPress website built on a custom starter theme with Bootstrap baked in. I used Woocommerce to create the shop and Advanced Custom Fields to make things easy to manage. I created a custom function that requires you to login in order to view the shop and vendors. I utilized Sass as well.…

  • tekMountain


    This website was built on WordPress on a custom starter theme with Bootstrap baked into it. I built this for an agency that relies on freelancers. I utilized the Beaver Builder plugin to create most of the page layouts and also created a custom Modal Module for Beaver Builder that I put on github (Modal Module…

  • Supply Velocity

    Supply Velocity

    This website was a redesign on WordPress. This was built for an agency who relies on local freelancers like myself. Though the same theme was used as before (it was a custom built theme), most of the website received an overhaul to create a new look and feel. Bootstrap was already in place and used…

  • Move Allina

    Move Allina

    This is a one-page website that I developed on the Roots Sage theme. It is a freelance project that I completed for a development company that had quite a bit of additional work. Everything was pushed to github and WP Engine during development. I used Advanced Custom Fields to make website management easier for the…