Introducing The Standards

Creative Vets

The Standards is a WordPress theme with the US Web Design System (USWDS) implemented throughout. It was a project I decided to complete after coming across the USWDS. This system has been around since May of 2015 and has gone through a number of updates and changes. It is available on Github for anyone to fork, clone, or download.

The Theme

I decided to create a WordPress theme because there was no implementation on WordPress at the time. That project began in 2016 and was put on Github for the first time in 2017. This project can also be seen on the Implementations page of the USWDS website, where there are three other WordPress implementations in addition to mine.

An example of The Standards theme can be seen at

Creative Vets

This is a personal project focused on providing veterans with resources to become digital creatives. It was something I had personal experience with as a veteran who went down this road, and I wanted to provide a website with all of the information I wish was available to me at the beginning.

This design is based on the Landing Page template from the USWDS website.

Continuous Improvement

The theme will be continuously updated to match the current version of USWDS. Additionally, the example site at will receive the same updates. Continue to check Github for the latest updates, or sign up for email updates.

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