Banking and Investment Apps For Remote Freelancers

Banking and Finance

Being a freelancer myself, I have had plenty of experience with a variety of banking and investment applications. With the influx of online banks and fintech startups, there has been no shortage of options to choose from.

I will highlight those which I have come to enjoy the most, and hopefully, you will like them as well. They can serve as your bank, investment platform, retirement plan, and extra savings.

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Stash is a great dual-purpose app for investing and for banking. It started off as an investing app where you could simply set it up to invest automatically using round-ups or regularly scheduled investments. It has turned into much more than that now offering the option to invest in new ways in a variety of different stocks, bonds, and funds, while also offering a banking platform.

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Chime is a banking app that gets you paid up to two days early when you enroll in direct deposit and it helps you save. Also, No hidden fees! Chime has a user-friendly app that automatically saves money for you, and only allows you to transfer money out of your savings 6 times per month.

Now for the best part, we can both get $50 if you sign up with my using my invite link. The only catch is that you also have to receive a payroll direct deposit into your new Chime account of $200 or more within the first 45 days of opening your account. Additionally, you can invite friends and family and you can receive $50 when they sign up and enroll in direct deposit as well.


Acorns is an investment and banking app that allows you to invest your spare change or set up recurring investments. You can also go back through your transaction history and choose to round up past purchases to the nearest dollar and invest the difference. They have a retirement platform called Acorns Later, and a debit account as well. It’s an easy set-it-and-forget-it investing app.

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Qapital is a cool investment and banking app that allows you to save money for specific things. You can set up a recurring transfer to save money for your mortgage, or set up a rainy day fund and use round-ups to fund it. Whatever you choose it gives you the option to save. In addition to the regular savings part of the app, Qapital has an investment portion where you can set up different goals that will grow over time.

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All of these are great

I have accounts with each of these and I’ve grown some investments and saved a good bit. As a freelancer, this could serve as your retirement plan and really provide you with a nice cushion down the line.